My House Sucks

First thing’s first…

Sorry; I had to. I really am not a fan of the holidays in general. Probably because of the snow. I have always hated snow… Is there anymore more annoying than when someone says they love snow because it’s “pretty?” Yeah, those brown shitty looking piles of white stuff with dirt all over them up and down the road is really beautiful. I really am a horrible person sometimes.

On To My Horrible House…

I really am in no position to ever talk any kind of trash about the internet. My dad has to be so disappointed in me as a son. When it comes to home improvements or doing any kind of manly work, I am absolutely worthless. So for the last couple years my house has gotten extremely cold during this time of the year and no matter how high my heating bill seems to climb there just seems to have been no relief from the cold. I had my family over last night for Christmas Eve and my dad told me my insulation is pretty much null in void in my house and I need to get it fixed up ASAP.

What the hell is insulation?

Alright I have somewhat of an idea of what it is but as far as installing some new stuff or taking out the old stuff I wouldn’t even know where to begin. My dad could immediately tell this was the case and he started to give me a little bit of info on some different brands and what not but I couldn’t tell you one thing he said to me. Anything that comes to this kind of stuff my brain immediately kind of shuts off and everything goes in one year and out the other. I remember him saying I should probably get on this though, sooner rather than later.

My house is so old that my dad said I should probably think about getting my roof replaced while I am at it to just tackle the whole problem before it gets any worse.

Merry Christmas to me…

Where the Internet Comes in..

As I mentioned before, I didn’t even know where to begin with tackling a project like this and I didn’t want my dad to know that he raised an incompetent human being when it comes to stuff like this so I did what every other person born after 1985 would do.

I went to the internet.

Off I went to try and teach myself everything I could about roofing and insulation and I must say, it was kind of interesting. I have owned this worthless house for almost 3 years now and even though I am terrible and doing any kind of projects to fix it up, I do feel good when it gets done and I would like to eventually sell this thing one day so I kind of spoil myself and don’t have much of a budget when it comes to my house or car. After diligent research, I found this company here at that does some crazy looking kind of insulation that is pretty intriguing I must say. I don’t really live close to them so I can’t get it directly through them and I am having trouble finding a roofing company around me that carries this thing. I like how I am all of sudden this roofing and insulation expert and I won’t settle for anything less than the best. Who knows if my dumb house even needs this stuff. But I want it.

This is what I mean.

If I didn’t have the internet, where would I even have begun to find something that would help fix my house? Did people of my parents generation just know how to do everything? I feel like my dad does. He has trouble turning on a computer but would be able to build an entire house from start to finish with a crew of his friends.

Our future generations are in trouble…