Done and Done

Feelin’ Good

I don’t know what the saying is exactly, but I know there is one about how good it feels to give back to people. Even better than receiving gifts. I found this to be especially true when you are doing it for your parents. If you recall from my latest little update, I learned that my parents have been dealing with a little bee problem from my sister and my Dad is so humble and likes to do everything on his own. So much that he really never calls anyone for an extra hand and especially not to do the entire job. I honestly can’t remember the last time my dad ever had to call anyone to help him out with anything that wasn’t impossible to do on your own and I literally cannot recall at any point that he called some professional company to do some job for him. He has always been such an amazing guy and sometimes I feel like he has to be embarrassed for the worthless boy he has to call a son.


I Can Do One Thing Better Than My Dad…

So my parents didn’t even know that I knew about their little pest problem and my sister kept it under wraps for me. So as soon as I woke up I did what anyone from my generation would do in a situation like this…

You guess it; I went to the internet.

Come on, you didn’t think I was going to throw on my personal bee keepers suit and exterminate these things myself did you?

This is one aspect of life that I know I can outdo my dad on but unfortunately it isn’t something I am really proud of, but what are you gonna do? I love my dad to death but he would be able to build an entire house before he could figure out how to create his own email account. Because of this, I know my dad didn’t even consider the possibility of looking up exterminators online and getting professional help on this one.

Merry Christmas!!!

So I called up the best place that I could find and had them over to my parents house within the hour and made sure that my parents were home to receive their lovely Christmas gift. I felt kind of bad for the exterminator but I made him make sure he told them “Merry Christmas with love” when he knocked on the door and I was actually pretty surprised to hear that he did in fact do so.

My parents called me as soon as they got there and they couldn’t have been happier. God it feels good to give back sometimes doesn’t it?

Back to the Internet

As I was doing research on exterminators near my parents house and after I found the one I was going to use, I couldn’t help but find myself looking up random information on different pests and companies that take care of them.

Please tell me I am not the only one who starts doing one thing on the internet then the next thing they know they look up and they have wasted 3 hours rummaging through useless information that they will probably never need? Ok, good.

So I don’t even know how it happened but I ended up looking at random websites throughout the internet and found myself fascinated by how common pests are across the country. According to my research (take with a grain of salt), I found the most prevalent areas for pests are Arizona, New Mexico, and Alabama. I was looking at this site and was surprised not to find any real information about scorpions or other desert type pest services. Maybe it’s just me, but when I picture these dry states I picture nothing but sand, cacti, and scorpions but according to this site, they have all the same problems that we seem to have.

I need to get out more….