Done and Done

Feelin’ Good

I don’t know what the saying is exactly, but I know there is one about how good it feels to give back to people. Even better than receiving gifts. I found this to be especially true when you are doing it for your parents. If you recall from my latest little update, I learned that my parents have been dealing with a little bee problem from my sister and my Dad is so humble and likes to do everything on his own. So much that he really never calls anyone for an extra hand and especially not to do the entire job. I honestly can’t remember the last time my dad ever had to call anyone to help him out with anything that wasn’t impossible to do on your own and I literally cannot recall at any point that he called some professional company to do some job for him. He has always been such an amazing guy and sometimes I feel like he has to be embarrassed for the worthless boy he has to call a son.


I Can Do One Thing Better Than My Dad…

So my parents didn’t even know that I knew about their little pest problem and my sister kept it under wraps for me. So as soon as I woke up I did what anyone from my generation would do in a situation like this…

You guess it; I went to the internet.

Come on, you didn’t think I was going to throw on my personal bee keepers suit and exterminate these things myself did you?

This is one aspect of life that I know I can outdo my dad on but unfortunately it isn’t something I am really proud of, but what are you gonna do? I love my dad to death but he would be able to build an entire house before he could figure out how to create his own email account. Because of this, I know my dad didn’t even consider the possibility of looking up exterminators online and getting professional help on this one.

Merry Christmas!!!

So I called up the best place that I could find and had them over to my parents house within the hour and made sure that my parents were home to receive their lovely Christmas gift. I felt kind of bad for the exterminator but I made him make sure he told them “Merry Christmas with love” when he knocked on the door and I was actually pretty surprised to hear that he did in fact do so.

My parents called me as soon as they got there and they couldn’t have been happier. God it feels good to give back sometimes doesn’t it?

Back to the Internet

As I was doing research on exterminators near my parents house and after I found the one I was going to use, I couldn’t help but find myself looking up random information on different pests and companies that take care of them.

Please tell me I am not the only one who starts doing one thing on the internet then the next thing they know they look up and they have wasted 3 hours rummaging through useless information that they will probably never need? Ok, good.

So I don’t even know how it happened but I ended up looking at random websites throughout the internet and found myself fascinated by how common pests are across the country. According to my research (take with a grain of salt), I found the most prevalent areas for pests are Arizona, New Mexico, and Alabama. I was looking at this site and was surprised not to find any real information about scorpions or other desert type pest services. Maybe it’s just me, but when I picture these dry states I picture nothing but sand, cacti, and scorpions but according to this site, they have all the same problems that we seem to have.

I need to get out more….

Time to Give Back

So for any of you who have been keeping up, my parents are absolutely awesome and I don’t know what I would do without them. They hooked me up so hard this Christmas and spoiled me with a brand new roof and gutters because mine were apparently worthless. So I feel like I owe the world to them and I think I know how I can start to pay them back now.

Giving Back

So my parents have always been there for us for pretty much anything we have ever needed and they never ask for anything in return. They never ask for anything for birthdays or Christmas and us kids just always get them the usual candles and stupid gifts that you give to parents but they really don’t need or want.

So today I was talking to my sister on the phone and apparently my parents have been dealing with this little bee infestation for the past few months in their back yard and it seems to be only getting worse. My parents are never really ones to ask for help and I know my dad has probably been trying to get rid of them by himself for a while and is also probably refusing to get any help from a professional. This is where the light bulb went off in my head and thought this would be a perfect way to slightly pay them back for what they did for me this Christmas.

To the Internet

This seems to be a pretty common theme among all of my posts, doesn’t it?

For someone who claims to hate the direction this whole technology thing seems to be taking us, I tend to use it quite often. So I started doing some research on different companies around my parents and called around to try and get some decent quotes on getting rid of these little guys for good. Most of the companies were pretty cheap but I don’t want cheap for my parents. I want the god damn top of the line exterminator and I don’t want these bees ever coming back.


How Good We Have It

I know it sounds cliche, but I never really stop and give thanks to how good I have it. My parents are absolute angels. How many times have you heard of parents really going out of their way to do something so nice and so unexpected? I have always admired my parents for their infinite generosity and I really wish I could be half the person that either of them are. I don’t really think I ever want to have kids but if I could just give half the love that I feel from them to my non-existent children then I think I will be doing alright. I just don’t think I have the patience to deal with kids. Hell, I don’t even have the patience to deal with me and my problems let alone another human being.

Stay tuned to hear about how great of a son I am…


Let the Work Begin…

Well… Not for Me

When I say “work” I guess I mean let the construction workers work begin and let my sitting in my chair sipping beer begin. I don’t know what I would do without my parents. If it was left up to me, I would have waited until my entire roof collapsed before I even began considering having it all fixed up. I should probably take up some sort of adult “shop class” or training because I feel like a worthless man. I feel bad for my girlfriend if we ever decide to get married…

Top of the Line

So my parents really didn’t spare any expenses this year on me for Christmas. If you recall, not only are they buying me a new roof, but they are buying me new gutters and some fancy gutter guards protection thing that I apparently need and definitely never had. If you check out that link I think you can tell by the way that I have been talking that my parents got me the really good and really expensive one. It costs almost 2000 big ones but my dad assures me it will be the last time I ever have to spend a dime towards my gutters so I was definitely not complaining.

As far as my new roof and insulation goes, I haven’t made a final decision yet and to be honest don’t really know what I am supposed to be looking for. I am probably going to have to end up calling my dad and embarrassing myself once again by asking stupid questions about things that I should definitely know at this point in my life. My dad is the absolute best and I think he would be mortified if he knew just how deep my lack of knowledge goes when it comes to any kind of handy man work around the house. This is just not the way it used to be and I think it is only going to get worse as time goes by.

Once Again, Thank You Internet

Did people really just go to the library whenever they needed to look up information about anything? I am trying to think of what I could possibly do to be able to do the proper research when it comes to roofs or gutters without the internet. Whenever I don’t know something my immediate instinct is to pull out my phone and head to google.

I can’t imagine how easy school must be these days. Seriously, if there is a question on homework or some other dumb assignment could you not just literally type in the question word for word in google and have every answer you could possibly need?

This really can’t be good for your memory or critical thinking skills in the long run. Kids are probably just zombies in class now and for any kind of project or homework why would a kid go out of his way to read a book when you can have any question you could ever ask at your fingertips? I am sure they have some crazy phone rules in class now because what kid doesn’t have a smart phone these days? That is just a dictionary, encyclopedia, and entire library on everything right in your pocket.

And as I criticize this I am sitting on my computer, drinking beer, and looking for different kinds of roofs. I am quite the hypocrite, aren’t I?

Late Christmas Gift

How Good Life Used to Be

I really hate the fact hat I am such a scrooge along around the holidays, especially when everyone else around me is so jolly and giving. I definitely was not always like this though. As a kid, I absolutely LOVED Christmas time just like any other normal kid. I would try my absolute hardest to go to sleep the night before but never could and the minute I heard someone else awake in my house I would jump out of bed and be the first one sitting in front of the tree waiting for the rest of my family to wake up and catch up to my excitement.

Who else here misses being a kid more than anything else in the world? Seriously, there was not a care in the world and I hate the fact that I will probably never feel the level of excitement and happiness I once felt when I was just a young little lad.

Ohhhhh how good life used to be…

I usually dread the approaching holiday season. As you may remember from my last post, there is nothing else I hate more in the world than snow so anything that accompanies snow is immediately categorized in the same horrible lump as it is in.

My Parents Are Awesome

So my family doesn’t really go too crazy for Christmas like we used to, which I am totally OK with. I had an amazing childhood and my parents always went all out during Christmas but once we hit our later teenage years, the pile of presents under the tree started to dwindle more and more every year but I kind of appreciate the fact that my parents don’t spoil us and they want us to be able to appreciate the things we have instead of piling up more useless junk in our closets.

This year however, my parents spoiled the hell out of me and I could not be more grateful. Remember my horrible roof and my horrible house? Well my parents had some home inspector come over and do a a complete evaluation on my house and roof. It turns out that it is in worse shape than I thought and I not only need a new roof, but I need new gutters installed as well.

I was mortified when the inspector told me this and immediately called my dad to do my usual complaining about my worthless house and he played it cool before he came over. When he came over he handed me a card and two separate checks written out to a gutter and a roofing company, covering the entire costs of both.

I honestly felt like crying and have not been moved so closely to tears in a long time. My parents know how hard all of us kids work and they really only spend this much money on us when we really need it and apparently I do. Not only is he paying for everything, but he is getting me some of the highest quality brands that are out right now and they are not cheap. Check out this wikipidia article to learn all of the fascinating components of what goes into rain gutters. Alright you probably won’t find it as interesting as I did but I can’t help but be excited about this. It’s funny how vastly different your interests change over the years and what gets you excited as an adult.

God am I getting old and God do I love my parents.


My House Sucks

First thing’s first…

Sorry; I had to. I really am not a fan of the holidays in general. Probably because of the snow. I have always hated snow… Is there anymore more annoying than when someone says they love snow because it’s “pretty?” Yeah, those brown shitty looking piles of white stuff with dirt all over them up and down the road is really beautiful. I really am a horrible person sometimes.

On To My Horrible House…

I really am in no position to ever talk any kind of trash about the internet. My dad has to be so disappointed in me as a son. When it comes to home improvements or doing any kind of manly work, I am absolutely worthless. So for the last couple years my house has gotten extremely cold during this time of the year and no matter how high my heating bill seems to climb there just seems to have been no relief from the cold. I had my family over last night for Christmas Eve and my dad told me my insulation is pretty much null in void in my house and I need to get it fixed up ASAP.

What the hell is insulation?

Alright I have somewhat of an idea of what it is but as far as installing some new stuff or taking out the old stuff I wouldn’t even know where to begin. My dad could immediately tell this was the case and he started to give me a little bit of info on some different brands and what not but I couldn’t tell you one thing he said to me. Anything that comes to this kind of stuff my brain immediately kind of shuts off and everything goes in one year and out the other. I remember him saying I should probably get on this though, sooner rather than later.

My house is so old that my dad said I should probably think about getting my roof replaced while I am at it to just tackle the whole problem before it gets any worse.

Merry Christmas to me…

Where the Internet Comes in..

As I mentioned before, I didn’t even know where to begin with tackling a project like this and I didn’t want my dad to know that he raised an incompetent human being when it comes to stuff like this so I did what every other person born after 1985 would do.

I went to the internet.

Off I went to try and teach myself everything I could about roofing and insulation and I must say, it was kind of interesting. I have owned this worthless house for almost 3 years now and even though I am terrible and doing any kind of projects to fix it up, I do feel good when it gets done and I would like to eventually sell this thing one day so I kind of spoil myself and don’t have much of a budget when it comes to my house or car. After diligent research, I found this company here at that does some crazy looking kind of insulation that is pretty intriguing I must say. I don’t really live close to them so I can’t get it directly through them and I am having trouble finding a roofing company around me that carries this thing. I like how I am all of sudden this roofing and insulation expert and I won’t settle for anything less than the best. Who knows if my dumb house even needs this stuff. But I want it.

This is what I mean.

If I didn’t have the internet, where would I even have begun to find something that would help fix my house? Did people of my parents generation just know how to do everything? I feel like my dad does. He has trouble turning on a computer but would be able to build an entire house from start to finish with a crew of his friends.

Our future generations are in trouble…

The Internet…

How Did People Do It?

I am going to go ahead and assume that anyone reading this is pretty comfortable and knowledgeable about the internet. Well you get the jist of it right? Maybe you just happened to have found this little page of mine by accident and you have no idea what the internet even is?? Well let me tell you, it is awesome.

Have you ever really thought about what life would be like without the internet? Like really thought about it?

No Google.

No YouTube.

No Facebook.


If I went one day without my phone or computer I would absolutely lose my mind. I will say though, that I am not one of those drone looking zombies that I see more and more, and younger and younger, every day walking around with their ear buds in, fingers scrolling, and head down wherever they go. I honestly don’t know how I don’t see more stories of people walking into traffic or onto a rail road track more often. Do these things actually happen? They have to… You really cannot walk down the street without seeing at least 75% of the people you pass on some sort of electronic device.

The Future Mannnnnn….

Now I know that technology and smart phones have made life a whole lot easier for pretty much everybody, but I am kind of starting to feel that we are becoming so much less social as a species and we are on a fast track to living in a world of drones with absolutely zero face-to-face human interaction with anyone. Hey, for some people I am sure that sounds pretty damn sweet and that is fair enough my anti-social friends, but it scares me for our future generations.

Think about how much technology as a whole has advanced in just the last 10 years. If someone from the 20’s saw what a phone looks like today they would thought it could be nothing short of complete and absolute sorcery. Not to mention that this progress has been extremely exponential. Once the internet was born, it felt like technology bred and spread like wildfire and was changing every single day.

This is the part that scares me. Will we ever hit a wall when we have no choice but to say enough is enough? I really don’t see that happening unfortunately which brings me to my walking brain dead zombie apocalypse that I see as being absolutely inevitable.

Can you imagine what the hell these technological geniuses will have thought up in the next 10, 15, 100 years??? I can’t even fathom what that is going to mean for the future.

But who knows; maybe I am just being paranoid? No. No I am not; when I see kids in a play ground playing on a god damn iPad, a little part of me dies on the inside. My childhood was amazing. Sure, we had some video games and TV but nothing like these kids have it today. I didn’t even have a cell phone until I was a senior in high school and I came out OK, right?

I will leave you with this youtube video and let you dwell on it for a minute…