Time to Give Back

So for any of you who have been keeping up, my parents are absolutely awesome and I don’t know what I would do without them. They hooked me up so hard this Christmas and spoiled me with a brand new roof and gutters because mine were apparently worthless. So I feel like I owe the world to them and I think I know how I can start to pay them back now.

Giving Back

So my parents have always been there for us for pretty much anything we have ever needed and they never ask for anything in return. They never ask for anything for birthdays or Christmas and us kids just always get them the usual candles and stupid gifts that you give to parents but they really don’t need or want.

So today I was talking to my sister on the phone and apparently my parents have been dealing with this little bee infestation for the past few months in their back yard and it seems to be only getting worse. My parents are never really ones to ask for help and I know my dad has probably been trying to get rid of them by himself for a while and is also probably refusing to get any help from a professional. This is where the light bulb went off in my head and thought this would be a perfect way to slightly pay them back for what they did for me this Christmas.

To the Internet

This seems to be a pretty common theme among all of my posts, doesn’t it?

For someone who claims to hate the direction this whole technology thing seems to be taking us, I tend to use it quite often. So I started doing some research on different companies around my parents and called around to try and get some decent quotes on getting rid of these little guys for good. Most of the companies were pretty cheap but I don’t want cheap for my parents. I want the god damn top of the line exterminator and I don’t want these bees ever coming back.


How Good We Have It

I know it sounds cliche, but I never really stop and give thanks to how good I have it. My parents are absolute angels. How many times have you heard of parents really going out of their way to do something so nice and so unexpected? I have always admired my parents for their infinite generosity and I really wish I could be half the person that either of them are. I don’t really think I ever want to have kids but if I could just give half the love that I feel from them to my non-existent children then I think I will be doing alright. I just don’t think I have the patience to deal with kids. Hell, I don’t even have the patience to deal with me and my problems let alone another human being.

Stay tuned to hear about how great of a son I am…


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